whether you call iT soccer or football, we love this game. we think you and your child will, too.


Established in 1997, Twin Lakes Soccer Association is a complete soccer academy for boys and girls 15 years and younger. Whether you want to introduce your pee wee to his/her first sport, or help your established athlete get a college scholarship, we're here to help you succeed.


Our complete facility includes outdoor fields,  and more than a dozen established coaches.


Boys and girls club

TLSA Supplies: Team Shirt and Socks

You will need to get: Soccer ball, Shin-gaurds and Cleats are optional.

Soccer Ball Size:

U-6 Size 3

U-8/U-10 Size 4

U-12/U-15 Size 5




Twin Lakes Soccer Association 

Practice will begin April 1st

Games start April 13th

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